Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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LUBE OIL COOLERS (Oil Side and Air Side)
Radiator Type
Multijacketed Flat Aluminium Tubes with Aluminium Honey Comb Fins

Narrow multijacketed Flat Aluminium Tubes are always liable to be choked due to settlement of oily sludges, increases flow resistance and causes decreased oil pressure and low cooling effects.

Restoration of designed oil flow and temperature drop of lube oil can only be achieved by perfect cleaning of narrow oil passages using specialized cleaners by in-place or off-line localized circulation method at ambient temperature.

Air side cleaning can be attempted by in-place spray & flush method with perfect base metal safety, workman safety and environment safety.

OCD-4 Clearner Liquid
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Recommended Cleaners

OCD-4 & GLC-5R
For Oil Sides

For oily sludges on Air Sides

For dry dust deposit on Air Side
Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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