Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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Growth of Rust & metal losses can be stopped by applying highly engineered water repellant RUST SEIZING COMPOUND. It works wonderfully well where paints and other protective coatings generally fail particularly in open, saline or fumes laden corrosive environments.

It is ready-to-use grayish-black Phenolic Resin Based, Neutral, Organic Compund, enriched with corrosion inhibitors and free of Lead & other heavy metals, to be applied for seizing rust on already rusted / non-rusted surfaces of Mild Steels, Galvanized Iron and Cast Irons with the help of paint brush or sprayer. Growth of rust and metal losses can be stopped by applying this highly engineered rust seizing compound.

Rust Seize is recommended to be used in the presence of surface rust and mill scales. Non-porous mill scale will not be converted into porous red rust after application of Rust Seize. It stops further oxidation and corrosion of iron even in deep pits

Marine Applications Weather exposed open deck installations Hatches and Hatch Covers Pipelines exterior Spare / Standby Parts Valves, Pumps Nut bolts & Fittings Sea Water Washed Deck surfaces of Oil Tankers Propeller Shafts New Structures as well as Structural Renewal & Replacement Work Freshly Welded or Flash Rusted Weld Areas Anchor Joints Wire Ropes of Suspension Bridges and Winches On the inside and outside of Metallic Linings.

Industrial Applications Installations and Structures of Steels, Cast Irons, Hot Dip Galvanized Steels, Oxidized Galvanized Steel and Steels having Mill Scale in any size or dimension which have started rusting and undergoing metal losses in a variable or open atmospheres. It can also be applied on surfaces exposed to environment or hidden / covered sides of Steel Sheets specially of Cars, Vehicles, Automobiles and Locomotives for stopping the growing rust where generally paints fail. External surface of chilled water pipeline before insulation. Air passages of Cast Iron Hosings, Air Intake and Discharged Ducts and Pipes. Zinc rich coated or Zinc Aluminium coated pipelines exteriors and other metallic surfaces etc. Ideal to use on foundations of steel structures prior to installation on cemented base, apply Rust Seize on steel plates & nut bolts.

Recommended Product

Ready to use

For Saline corrosive environment / Marine atmosphere

For Oxidized and Rusted M.S, C.I & G.I in open air corrosive environment.

This coating failure owing to poor surface preparation and the presence of moisture during coating application. This localized rusting and metal loss can be effectively and long-lastingly checked by applying Rust Seize prior to application of paint. Complete rust freeing is not necessary, remove the lose rust only.

Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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