Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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Complete rust removal from localized M.S or C.I surface areas can be achieved very gently even from minor to major rust pits with the help of highly engineered paste deruster which does not give corrosion tendency to the metal and applicable with a brush or scraper. It removes rust perfectly within 1 ~ 2 hours after application then a specialized passivation gives strong anti-corrosive treatment up to such an extent that there is no chance of oxidation even in saline environment. Once dried, the paints or coatings can be directly applied on the passivated surface with good adherence.

When surface is once free of corrosion tendency and has no corrosion traces under the painted / coated surface, only then the durability of coating could be assured for sufficiently long period.

Bridge Decks Sea Walls External installations of ships Nut Bolts and Parts derusting and prevention from rust.

Recommended Products

For paste derusting on
localized areas
SD-102P Paste Deruster
XR-0 Conditoner
XR-2 Passivator (Non-Oily)

For liquid derusting by
soaking method
SD-101 Liquid Deruster
XR-0 Conditoner
XR-2 Passivator (Non-Oily)
LP-9 For Oily Preservation

Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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