Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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Single Component
Pre-Paint metal surface sealing systems
For prevention from under paint corrosion

It is ready-to-use opaque reddish brown unpigmented alkaline viscous liquid which is organic in nature, non-flammable, volatile, non-corrosive enriched with corrosion inhibitors.

It is in ready-to-use form and can be applied with Brush, Roller or conventional airless / air-operated spray equipment.

XR-11 CORROSION SEALER is applicable for steel structures as pre-paint. It penetrates into micro pores & scratches of the metal surface and seals strongly to stop rust growth under the paint and prolongs paint life.

Apply after blast cleaning / manual tool cleaning / chemical cleaning before coating / painting.

It gives thin transparent brownish to reddish film which is not pealable.

It does not give crackable layer. It has very good adhesion for all coatings of epoxy, enamel, acrylic & urethane.

Packing 2.5 Litres in HDPE Bottles
Shelf Life 05 Years


For Sealing Metal Surface against corrosion pits

Excellent for Applications under coat after blast cleaning or manual tool cleaning on Steel Structure

Ship Hull Structure

Oil Storage Tanks

Industrial Steel Structures

Building Steel Structures

Motor Vehicles / Trailers

Spare Parts

Wrought Iron Furniture & Other Applications

For Sealing Metal Structure Foundations Part which are going to grout or already grouted

Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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