Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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RUST SEIZE Liquid Rust Seizing Compound
Single Component.
Stops growth of rust to prevent from aging effects.
For Steel Structure / Installations, Propeller Shafts
and storage parts

It is ready-to-use non-glossy grey blackish neutral Phenolic Resin based organic compound & free of Lead and all other heavy metals and non-irritant to skin, non-toxic and environment friendly, to be applied for seizing rust / oxidation on already rusted / non-rusted surfaces of Mild Steels, Galvanized Iron and Cast Irons.

Growth of rust and metal losses can be stopped by applying this highly engineered rust seizing compound. It works wonderfully well where paints or other protective coatings generally fail particularly in open saline or fumes laden corrosive environments.

Rust Seize is recommended to be used in the presence of surface adherent rust and mill scales. It stops further oxidation and corrosion of iron even in deep pits and micropores. It does not peal-off from galvanized surfaces like paints.

It replaces sand blasting and primer. Applicable with the help of paint brush or sprayer after removal of loose rust, rust chips, broken mill scale by manual or power tools. It is a highly engineered product for Maintenance Applications as well as it is good primer for new structure where rust seizing is an immediate requirement to stop metal losses / structural losses right from the start, it lasts long.

It provides non-sling lubrication and self healing coating and withstands at service temperature up to 120C.

Important : Paint chipping exercise is totally abolished where it is replaced by Rust Seize. Recurrent expenditure on scheduled complete job painting are totally cut down, only maintenance re-touching is needed on the localized affected areas occasionally.

Not recommended for Internal coatings of fuel tanks and fluid transmission lines, drinking water tanks and pipelines and water exposed application.

Packing 2.5 Litres in Tin Pack
Shelf Life 05 Years


Propeller Shafts

Spare / Standby Parts during storage

Weather exposed open installations

Hatches and Hatch Covers

Pipelines Exterior

Valves, Pumps, Nut Bolts & Fittings

Walk ways

Sea-Water Washed Deck Surfaces of Oil Tankers

New or Old Structures as well as Structural Renewals & Replacement Works

Freshly Welded or Flash-Rusted Weld Areas

Anchor & Chains

Wire Ropes of Suspension Bridges and Winches

On the inside and outside of Metallic Linings


Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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