Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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ALC-5 Liquid Concentrate
A.C Fin-Coil Cleaner----For In-Place Cleaning

A bio-degradable transparent, non volatile, non-toxic, mild in smell, acidic in nature with built-in metal conditioner, usable pure or diluted at room temperature by spray, soaking & flush method. Very fast rinsable / flushable and very comfortable to use in confined working areas of Air Handling Units (A.H.Us). Removes humidified or dry air borne heavy dust, dirt, fluff with or without oils, greases, or sludge deposits.

ALC-5 is safe for all metal & non-metals except zinc. It is safe for bare aluminium fins & resin coated aluminium fins.

Packing 25 Litres in HDPE / Polypropylene Cans
Shelf Life 10 Years


For A.C Cooling / Heating Coil's Air Sides (A.H.Us)

Radiator's Air Sides

Table Cooling Units Air Side with Aluminium Fins


Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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