Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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ELEKTRO KLEEN Liquid Concentrate

Fast evaporative transparent, highly penetrating, non-inflammable, non-explosive, neutral liquid cleaner with tolerable odour; usable undil uted by spray, circulation, soak or pour method at ambient temperature followed by dry air flushing for residue free cleaning which displaces moisture, helps to maintain di-electric strength of the insulating materials. It dissolves and removes oils, tar, wax, greases and other soils. Superior solvency on typical electrical equipment soils.

ELEKTRO KLEEN is safe for all metals, various insulations, curable insulating Varnishes, Rubbers & Enamels, Papers, Cottons, Baked Adhesives & Synthetic Rubbers.

Packing 25 Litres in HDPE / Polypropylene, Steel Cans
Shelf Life Unlimited

Cleaning Applications

Alternator Coils and Rotating Diodes

Electric Motor and Parts

Circuit Breakers and Electric Control Panels


Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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