Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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  OSD-NATURAL Liquid Concentrate
Oil Spill Dispersant & Tank Cleaner
(Natural Cleaner, free of all solvents & detergents)

OSD-NATURAL is a neutral viscous clear brown liquid with natural pleasant odour fully bio-degradable, non-inflammable, non-toxic, non-chlorinated, non-corrosive, slow volatile, specialty cleaning chemical product for dispersing oil spills at sea, in port and onboard ships. It is free of all aliphatic & aromatic solvents, bleach, caustic, butyl or abrasives, therefore working in bilges or confined areas is quite safe and comfortable. It is dilutable in sea water as well as in fresh water for dispersal of oil spillage at sea. It is also effective for combatting oils spills on solid surfaces such as docks, decks and piers as well as oil accumulations on dock pilings, supports and other harbor structures.

OSD-NATURAL is designed to be used as ready-to-use or diluted in all ratios at temperatures between 20oC to 90C. Compatible with sea water as well as fresh water i.e; specially designed to prepare stable solutions in sea water in all concentrations. Washable perfectly either with sea water or fresh water. Very easy & efficient use i.e; fire hose showering aided by solution injectors/ejectors. COW-Washing/sprinkling, soaking, mopping and brush method. Hydrocarbons are easily convertable into fine emulsion in sea water. Safe for all metals & non-metals, systems in various equipments in all concentrations. Waste solution of emulsified oils in slop tank/ disposal tank does not create any hazard in confined areas or engine room due to solvent free & smell free cleaning.

Packing 2.5 & 25 Litres in HDPE / Polypropylene, Steel Cans, Steel Drums
Shelf Life 10 Years in Steel Packing
10 years in HDPE / Polypropylene Packing


Oil Spills at sea

Oil on Beaches and Shore Lines

Oil Spills on Deck / Ship Side

Cargo Tank Cleaning
Mineral and Edible Oils as per above details

Other Shipboard Cleaning Operations


Tank Tops and Bulkheads

All painted / non-painted surface and safe for all metals & materials

Residual Fuel Oil / Lube Oil, Light Oil Slicks, White Spirit

Exteriors of Diesel Engines and Machinery

Concrete / Cemented Floors

Tiled / Polished Floors

Workshop Floors / Walk Ways

Oil Spills of almost all mineral & edible oils

Oil Storage Tank Cleaning
Mineral and Edible Oils as per above details


Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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