Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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OTC-71 Liquid Concentrate
Automatic Machine Degreaser

Heavy duty and powerful environment friendly multipurpose fully bio-degradable precision cleaner, degreaser, having amber colour weak alkaline in nature, almost odourless, non-inflammable, non-toxic, non-poisonous, non-corrosive and non-volatile chemical product absolutely harmless to skin, eyes, lungs. Does not contain chlorinated or petroleum solvents, bleach, caustic, ammonia, butyl or abrasives.

OTC-71 is perfectly safe for all metallic surfaces and all painted / bare surfaces and works ideally from ambient to elevated temperature (i.e; optimum elevated temperature is 45C to 90C). Usable at low concentrations to pure by spray, soaking, circulation or mopping / scrubbing method. It is wonderfully fast rinsable with fresh water and helps to prevent flash rusting on M.S as well as removes the unwanted oil(s) completely down to smell free status. No permanent risk of environmental pollution.

Packing 25 & 200 Litres in HDPE / Polypropylene, Steel Cans
Shelf Life 10 Years in Steel Packing
03 Years in HDPE / Polypropylene Packing

Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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