Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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TWC introduces to you a revolutionary concept in the field of Industrial Metal Surface Chemical Cleaning Technology, which is highly advanced and far apart from the conventional cleaning methods generally advised and practiced in the market; most of them are non-specific and unreliable and inherit potential hazards to the exposed metals, non-metals, human and environment. Subsequent corrosion and damage to metal surfaces are the common sequalae of such treatments. Fear of possible damage to human and a sense of uncertainty is always predominant during such maneuvers.

Our engineered and highly sophisticated cleaning chemicals are innovatively designed cleaning excellence up to the maximum level such as :

Close Compatibility with specific scales & deposits.

Supreme Cleaning Efficacy----“zero deposit”, metal exposed status.

Perfect Metal Safety----“zero metal loss" status.

Safe in All Concentrations----no tendency of attack on live metals even if used in pure form

High Degree of Human Safety----Safe in handling----no extra precautions needed.

Environmental Hazard Free----pollution controlled, easy disposal, no damage to immediate surroundings and ecosystem.

Cleaning at Room Temperatures----elevation of temperature is optional for enhanced cleaning speed in few cases.

Much Reduced Down Time----increased cleaning speed, increased profitability by reducing down time.

With the performance, comparable to ISO & other engineering certification standards, our chemicals are usable with supreme efficacy and safety, under diverse Industrial, Commercial, Saline, Marine, Environments / Applications, without any violence or health hazard, in all concentrations and time exposure.

This new generation cleaning chemical range is highly appreciated and is in regular demand by all such circles where the users are specialists of their fields, masters of technologies and are seriously dedicated to their jobs. Those who appreciate and prefer the use of R&D based products and always go for the best. Those who are always careful and conscious to maintain the highest standards of safety and accuracy and are keen to enjoy operational excellence of their valuable and sophisticated equipment for extended periods of trouble free productive life.

As further elaboration let us add here that our blended chemicals are unique products having no equals of their class in local or foreign blended cousins and are far superior, safer, efficacious, workman & environment friendly, designed on international standards.

We are maintaining application profile which describes main cleaning problems usually encountered in five major disciplines of cleanable unwanted fouling masses..

1) Water Borne Deposits
2) Air Borne Deposits
3) Oil Borne Deposits
4) Industrial Process Deposits
5) Corrosion Deposits
& other deposits like; combustion deposits and microbiological deposits

This accumulation of deposits on the heat transfer surface not only renders the Heat Exchanger inefficient and causes power wastage, but also shortens the life of the heat exchanger itself.

Our major clients come from large Manufacturing & Processing Industries, Marine Sector, Oil and Gas Producing & Refining Complexes and Commercial & Self Generating Power Setups.

We also provide advisory & executionary services to our clients and have developed a long list of regular clientele in this very short time span which, no doubt, is a reflection of confidence which our prestigious clients place on our products, and appreciation of our quality services during repeated use of these products on versatile jobs since 1989.

Chemnol Products help reduce cleaning time to great extent avoiding troublesome cleaning efforts & obsolete cleaning methods by eliminating the following fears:

Fears of use of chemical cleaners
Fears of metal damages
Fears of incomplete cleaning and efficiency loss in consequence
Fears of Health and Environmental concerning risks


Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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