Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)
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OCD-4 Liquid Concentrate (Classified Hazardous Material)
(For Shutdown as well as for Scheduled Cleanings)

Clear light yellowish, slightly alkaline near to neutral, specially engineered preparation with emulsifiable non-carcinogenic chlorinated organic solvents based, detergent free specialty carbon cleaner which is low volatile, non-inflammable, non explosive, and extra high penetrative having stable high emulsifying properties with slightly undesirable ethereal odour usable in diluted form by soaking, spray, circulation at temperatures between 20C to 50C. Cleans hard-to-remove carbonaceous oily & greasy deposits and tenacious carbon deposits. Does not contain bleach, caustic, ammonia, butyl, phosphates or abrasive. Repeatedly usable, till total inactivation. Fast rinsable with fresh water / sea water.

OCD-4 is perfectly safe for all metals and their alloys in pure or diluted form. Safe for Synthetic Rubbers; Nitrile, Phenolic, Viton & Silicon Rubbers, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Flexible PVC in diluted form. Not safe for rigid PVCs, Cellulose type Plastics or natural rubber.

Packing 25 & 200 Litres
In HDPE / Polypropylene, Steel Cans
Shelf Life 10 Years in Steel Packing
03 Years in HDPE / Polypropylene Packing

Cleaning Applications

Piston Crown

Piston Ring Grooves

Exhaust Valve Cages

Cylinder Heads Combustion Space

Turbine Rotor Assembly

Removal of oily carbonaceous sludge deposits from air side of Air Cooler

Air Intake Oil Bath Merge Filters

Lube Oil Cooler Oil Side


Fuel Oil Heaters / Lube Oil Heaters

Lube Oil & Fuel Oil Metallic Filters

Exhaust Valves

Seat Valves

Multi-Jacketed Lube Oil Coolers
(with Flat Aluminium Tubes & Aluminium Honey
Comb Fins)


Chemnol (Chemical Cleaning Technology)

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